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Join the Los Angeles County Bar Association LRIS
Members of the LACBA Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) enjoy many benefits, including pre-screened referrals, electronic case related notices, easy to use online reporting tools. Many benefits come with being a member of a lawyer referral organization that is certified by the California State Bar and American Bar Association.

All of the resources and information you need to become a member are explained below.

Learning about LRIS Membership
The best way to learn how the LACBA LRIS works is to review the LRIS Rules of Operation. Here, you can learn how referrals are made, what the reporting requirements are, how the LRIS is organized and many other details about the LRIS. By becoming a member of the LRIS, you are agreeing to the Rules of Operation.

LRIS Rules of Operation

The Application Process
To become a member of the LACBA LRIS, you will need to complete the General Application and Agreement and the Qualifications Standards forms.

The General Application and Agreement includes general inquiries about you and your practice and the terms and conditions of membership. This information helps LRIS staff to build your profile and effectively refer appropriate cases to you.

The Qualifications Standards include detailed information about the standards of membership for each practice area. Here, you will need to submit your qualifications for each practice area you wish to receive referrals in.

The General Application and Agreement
Qualifications Standards
Currently Needed Practice Areas

Note: upon completing the General Application and Agreement, you will be prompted to also complete the qualifications standards portion of the process. Here, you can save your progress by providing an e-mail address. You will receive an e-mail that includes a link back to your partially completed Qualifications Standards forms.

The Dependency Court Program
The LRIS administrates the Los Angeles County Juvenile Dependency Court Tort Policy. If you are interested in receiving Dependency Court referrals, you must complete the general application process. The qualifications standards for the Dependency Court panel are included in the Qualifications Standards document.

Note on Insurance Requirements
All members of any State Bar-certified lawyer referral service are required to carry errors and omissions insurance in the minimum amount of $100,000 for each occurrence and $300,000 aggregate per year. LACBA offers an exclusive professional liability through Ahern Insurance Brokerage (800.282.9786).

Annual Membership Dues
Annual dues for LRIS membership, which includes membership on three subject matter panels, are $300 ($550 for nonmembers of the Los Angeles County Bar Association). There is an additional $50 fee for each panel in excess of three.

Member Support
If you have any questions about becoming a member or the application process, send us an e-mail and include your full name and call back number or call 213.896.6571.

To refer a client to the LRIS, the client may call the referral line at 213.243.1525 or visit us online. If you wish to call the LRIS on behalf of a client, call 213.896.6440.

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